Mar 10, 2010

Randomness for the day

I keep saying I need to post on here more, but I'll be honest, I am terrible with blogs! I never know what to say. I'm going to give this another shot though because I feel bad. Should I keep it short and sweet? Should I ramble and rant? Should I bore you with nerd talk? Who knows. But I'm going to post a whole buncha updates first and then see where it goes.
So here's what's been up since I last left the blog.
As far as etsy goes, I've pretty much re did the shop. I cleared out tons of old inventory and added all new ones. I am very happy with where I am at right now. I am almost to 100 sales and that's a big deal since I didn't think I'd it for a while! I started the year off with about 64 or so. I've met some great people and had some great features on blogs. (Check it out yo! I'm thinking of expanding my lines soon to include brooches, more cufflinks and hair accessories. I have some amazing ideas built up, just need to find the time. The other night I spent 5 hours making sweater clips! I should have some new stuff coming soon. I'm lucky to have a great boyfriend who encourages me and gives me ideas. (The vintage style brooches we're his!!!) But that amazing boyfriend is who takes up most of my time. I'm not currently working except for etsy so I spend damn near every waking moment at his place, 45 minutes away from my supplies. He puts up with me bringing all my stuff there sometimes and I love him for that, but then I feel bad when I spend all the time sitting there with my head in my work! But I disgree, I really need a vacation away from this sometimes. My callused and torn up hands can prove it!

I think I've rattled enough off for today so let me show you some new sweater clips I am proud of and make me feel like spring is here, even if there is snow outside.
Very pretty and kitchy rose sweater clips with a chain of pearls. Available in Pink, Yellow, White, Red and Black.
Blue and White button sweater clips. I can not get over how gorgeous this blue is!

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